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Cookie policy

The company, by it own initiative or by initiative of a third party used to obtain measurement services, can us cookies when a User browses the resources and pages of the Website. The cookies are files sent to a browser from a Web server to register activities of the users in the website.

The cookies used by cangobox.com, cangopal.com, joselainen.com or by a third party acting under its brand, are associacted with a User and his/her computer, and might in some cases provide publicly available personal data of the User.

Thanks to the cookies, it is possible that the server of cangobox.com, cangopal.com, joselainen.com or of the third party acting under its brand, can recognize the browser of the computer used by the User with the purpose of improving navigation and experience, allowing, for example, also to measure the audience and traffic parameters, controlling the progress and number of inputs.

The User is responsible of configuring his/her browser to be warned of the reception of cookies to block their installation on his/her hard-drive. Please consult the instructions and manual of your browser to learn more about how to do it.

Also, the web servers of cangobox.com, cangopal.com y joselainen.com automatically detect the IP address and domain name used by the User. All this information is registered in a file to record the activity that allows its later analysis with the purpose of obtaining statistical measurements to find the impression number of pages, number of visits received by the web servers, etc.

The next table list the cookies used by cangobox.com as well as its funtionality.

Name Owner Purpose
zendpal_session Cangopal.com Cookie session. This cookie is required and its purpose is to identify the session stablished between the browser and the server of Cangobox.com.
cc_cookie_accept, cc_cookie_decline Cangopal.com Used to remember if user accepted the use of cookies.
_ga Google Analytics It is used to distinguish users.
_gat_UA-nnnnnnnn-n Google Analytics Used to throttle request rate.
mp_mixpanel__c, mp_mixpanel__c3, mp_mixpanel__c4, mp_mixpanel__c5 Mixpanel.com Cookies used by Mixpanel.com. Mixpanel enable us to learn how users use our website. This way we can offer an improved user experience of our website.
_hjIncludedInSample Hotjar.com Cookies used by Horjar.com. Hotjar enable us to visualize the visits to our websire to improve the user experience.