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CANGOBOX conceptually was born in 2012 as a solution to make easier to transport stuff for students living abroad. In 2014 we lanched our website not only for students but for any person or company interested on International Shipments.

The range of our supported countries is still limited, but very soon we'll be able to offer our services in much more origin and destination countries.

CANGOBOX is not comparing prices, since our mission is to make your life less complicated. We want to give you a good offer to send your stuff and not to worry about small print nor pushing you to make impossible comparaisons.


CANGOBOX is made by Joses. More preciselly, José Rodríguez Ruibal (Spain) and José Granado Domínguez (Finland). Both live and have lived in different countries, so they know perfectlly what means to ship your stuff and send them to the other side of the world, or ask your mother to send you grandma's cookies, shortbreads and phone chargers, among other things of inquestionable value.

Both Joses have strong technical background and wide experience launching startups. CangoBox is another twist in their obsession to make Internet a useful tool for improving tasks we do every day.


José Rodriguez Ruibal


Entrepreneur. Ex-IBMer, ex-Red Hat, ex-Consultant, expert on International and Multicultural sales, expert moving abroad, explorer. Actually based in Madrid, in between meetings, phones and paperwork. Has lived in Paris (FR), Montpellier (FR), Helsinki (FI), Raleigh (NC), Rochester (MN), New York City, San Franciso (CA) and Madrid.


José Granado Dominguez


Internet Entrepreneur. Ex-cleaner, ex-barman, ex-mechanical designer, ex-software engineer at Wipro, ex-software engineer at Nokia, expert in Internet technologies, explorer. Resides in Finland, lives among computers and cables.